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Here's how we end factory farming:

Factory farming is a huge problem. But the solution is simple, if you'll join us. Watch this short 2 minute video to see how...

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Step 1 Vote with your trolley

What to do: When doing your food shopping, make kind choices. Avoid factory farmed, buy fewer animal products, or even go meat-free

Why this works: This is the most effective way you can end animal abuse. Factory farming is the only way to meet the current demand for these animals products. A demand that would never have occurred had consumers known how animals were treated. If you refuse to buy factory farmed products, the businesses which provide them will quickly get the message that there is no future in cruelty. The choices you make at the supermarket can ensure a kinder world for these animals.

Step 2 Make a donation

What to do: Become a monthly donor of Make it Possible or make a one-off donation.

Why this works: Make it Possible is funded entirely by donations. Your support will help to keep campaign ads running, ensuring that thousands more Australians will know the truth about factory farming. Your donation will also go to printing materials for grassroots community initiatives, as well as increasing lobbying power to close loopholes that allow for cruelty to animals in factory farms.

Step 3 Get the action pack

What to do: Order or download the Make it Possible action pack.

Why this works: As well as awareness raising merchandise, the Action Pack also contains a handy guide on how you can get active for animals, a pledge sheet, shopper bag, shopping list, fact sheet, stickers and more.

Step 4 Spread the word

What to do: Tell your friends. Tell your family. Send an e-mail, or share Make it possible on Facebook or Twitter.

Why this works: The cruelty that takes place in factory farms only occurs because people are unaware it is taking place. Shine a light on animal abuse, so as many of your friends as possible are aware of the abuse going on behind closed doors. The more people who want to see an end to the cruelty, the more power we wield as consumers to make it happen.

Step 5 Lobby your supermarket

What to do: Next time you're in your local supermarket, fill out a customer feedback form asking them to no longer stock cage eggs or other factory farmed products. Alternatively, send them an email or give them a call when you have a chance at home.

Why this works: Australia's largest supermarkets are the major financial supporters of factory farming. They can end the single biggest cause of animal cruelty in this country by demanding ethically produced products from their suppliers. The views and ongoing support of their customers are important to supermarkets - "the customer is always right", remember - so make sure they know how you feel about factory farming. It will take just a moment of your day, but it can have a great impact in making the world a kinder place.

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