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Watch 'Make it Possible' - a world-first for animals. Then join Pat Rafter, Rove McManus, Missy Higgins, Judith Lucy and thousands of others in making a world without factory farming - possible!


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294,065 people are making it possible, including some you might know...
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Take me home. If we are going to win the fight against factory farming, our campaign needs to be smart, and relentless. We’re half way there, but to achieve our vision we need 5,000 people to step up and help fund Make it Possible into 2015 and beyond. As one of the Make it Possible 5,000, you’ll receive one of 5,000 plush winged pigs who are currently looking for homes. Are you ready to take Make it Possible into your heart, and adopt a lonely winged pig today? Adopt me now Offer available inside Australia
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Factory farming is the #1 cause of animal cruelty today.
It’s also the easiest to solve.
But our plan won’t work — unless you join in.
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