Adopt a Make it Possible winged pig

Adopt a Make it Possible winged pig

Changing the world takes more than a day. You can help the Make it Possible campaign stay the distance by adopting your own special Make it it Possible plush winged pig. Give a little pig a loving home, and help create a world without factory farming.

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Make it Possible is reaching millions of caring people, inspiring many to make kinder choices. But to win the fight against factory farming, we need your help. Become a monthly donor today and help keep Make it Possible soaring.

The overwhelmingly positive response to Make it Possible from caring members of the public has allowed the Make it Possible little winged pig to fly into hearts and minds across the country and the world. She is lighting up TV and cinema screens, and the campaign is blooming online. But this is only the beginning.

Make it Possible needs to sustain this momentum into 2015 and beyond if we are to free animals from the cruelty of factory farming. It will take intelligent, committed and relentless campaigning. To do so, we need 5,000 Make it Possible believers to step up and become monthly donors. The support of the Make it Possible 5,000 will keep this critical message on screens in front of TV and cinema audiences.

Pledge your monthly donation of $35 or more, and as a special gift you will receive a beautiful Make it Possible plush winged pig. By providing this little pig with a loving home, you will play an essential part in creating a world without factory farming.

The animals trapped in factory farms need you - now is the time to hear their plea. Please make your monthly donation pledge today.

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We believe in a world without factory farming.

If you do too, join others who are making a kinder world for animals possible. Sign the pledge.