About Make it Possible

About Make it Possible

Find out more about Make it Possible - the most ambitious campaign ever to end animal abuse in Australia.

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Make it Possible is an initiative of Animals Australia, Australia's most dynamic animal protection organisation.

The goal of Make it Possible

Make it Possible aims to create a vision for a kinder world — a world without factory farming. By informing and empowering consumers to make kinder choices when they shop, everybody has the power to make a world without factory farming possible.

The need for Make it Possible

Australia is a nation of compassionate people, yet few people are aware that factory farming is the greatest cause of animal cruelty on the planet today. Despite having the same capacity to suffer, animals raised for food have been excluded from the same animal cruelty laws that protect those animals we share our homes with. As a result, it is legal to subject farmed animals to intense confinement and surgical procedures without pain relief. Raising animals for food also underpins some of the greatest environmental threats today. The reality is, that factory farming has led to cheaper animal products, crueller production systems, and a demand that has forced animals to be intensively farmed. This demand would never have existed were people aware that animals, and the planet, were paying such a terrible price. An end to factory farming can be achieved if consumers lead the path to change by refusing to purchase factory farmed products, but also reducing demand by consuming fewer animal products or going meat-free. These key choices form the basis of the Make it Possible pledge.


More than a dozen of Australia's finest celebrities have stepped up to help end factory farming and lend their voices to the Make it Possible campaign. Watch the Make it Possible extended video to hear what they have to say.

The Make it Possible ad

At the heart of the Make it Possible campaign is a world-first television and cinema ad featuring images of real animals in Australian factory farms. Factory farming would have ended long ago if these animals could plead their own case, with their own voice. With the help fo CGI, the Make it Possible ad gives voice to these animals in what has been described as a 'shockingly beautiful' film. The ad is screening nationally on Australian television and cinema screens, thanks to generous donations from members of the public. Animals Australia is indebted to the creativity and generosity of Sydney-based advertising agency LOUD, who have provided pro bono expertise to bring Make it Possible to life. A big thank you is due to many others who have assisted in the production of the Make it Possible campaign. A full list of credits can be found here.

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