Tips for going meat-free

Tips for going meat-free

Discover how simple it is to say "goodbye" to eating animal products, with these helpful tips.

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"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." - Albert Einstein

Most of us have inherited our dietary choices without giving them much thought. We eat animals because our parents did. But today more and more people are realising that eating animals isn't necessary and are embracing other choices. By making the decision to remove animal products from your meals, you've not only made a sound choice for your health and the health of our planet - you've also made the ultimate choice to save animals, as none were harmed for your food.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to help in your transition to a more compassionate lifestyle.

Make the switch with a friend! Not only will you save twice as many animals, but it's fun and you will have someone to share recipes with.

Grab a great new veggie cookbook or borrow one from the library. Keep your eyes open for delicious new recipes in magazines and newspapers. And of course the internet is a treasure trove of new recipes for you to discover.

Try "mock meats" and egg replacers in your meals. These products are commonly found in the frozen goods and health food sections of the supermarket, and are perfect for a range of popular dishes.

Seek out veggie restaurants and cafes in your local area. You'll be inspired by the options that you'll then be able to make at home. Use an app or website like happycow.net to find places close to you.

If you're invited to a friend's house for a meal, offer to take a plate with you. Make enough to share with everybody - not only will you get your fill, but you'll be showing others that meat-free meals are both delicious and doable.

Pick two days a week to eat only veg meals. Increase the number of such days each week over time. This tip is useful if you're finding it difficult to go meat-free straight away.

And remember - don't worry about the occasional lapse - it can be difficult to break old habits! Focus instead on all the good you're doing for animals just by starting to make the change. By remaining positive and trying your best you'll be able to make the long-lasting, kinder change you're after.

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