Eating fewer animal products

Eating fewer animal products

Eating fewer animal products is an easy way to improve your health and help prevent animal cruelty. Win-win!

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By choosing to eat fewer animal products, you can reduce the huge demand that has forced animals to be so intensively farmed.

For those of us who were brought up by our parents to eat animal products, it can be difficult to imagine enjoying a dinner of 'meat and three veg' minus the meat! But the truth is, meat-free cuisine opens up a whole new world of exciting ingredients, tastes and flavours. And the best part is, it's far easier then you'd maybe imagined!

Here's some help to get you started...

Pick two days a week to eat only meat-free meals. Plan out new and exciting dishes (such as Indian curries or Asian stir-fries) for those special days.

Choose one animal in particular - and take them out of your meals. Try with pigs or chickens, as these are the most abused animals raised for meat; or eggs to help end the suffering of layer hens.

Decide on your favourite dish, and adjust the recipe to make it meat-free. You still get the flavour you love, and over time you'll be reducing the amount of meat you're buying in your weekly shop.

Try "mock meats" and egg replacers in your meals. These products are commonly found in the frozen goods and health food sections of the supermarket, and are perfect for a range of popular dishes.

Eating out! Most restaurants have a good selection of meat-free options, so skip the other sections of the menu and choose a dish that is meat-free. Think pad thai, lentil dahl or a veggie burger, for instance. (Restaurants may also be serving meat or eggs from a factory farm, so choose a meat-free option to ensure your money doesn't indirectly support factory farming.)

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