Fight factory farming for free movie tix!

Fight factory farming for free movie tix!

Get rewarded for getting active for animals! To celebrate the screening of the Make it Possible ad in leading cinemas, we'll give you a free movie ticket just for bringing 50 people to MakeitPossible.com. Sign up now!

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Are you social media savvy? Then get rewarded for exposing factory farming with free movie tickets courtesy of Hoyts & Event/Greater Union cinemas!

It's only because of the efforts of people like you, who are sharing, talking, tweeting and facebooking the Make it Possible campaign, that thousands of people are learning about factory farming for the first time — and making kinder choices for animals. Amazing! We're so grateful — we want to reward you for keeping Make it Possible in the spotlight. To celebrate the screening of the Make it Possible ad in leading cinemas, we'll give you a free movie ticket just for bringing 50 people to MakeitPossible.com! (It's easy)

Here's how it works

Sign up below to generate your very own Make it Possible sharing link. Share your link with as many people as you can. Every time a new person clicks on your link, your tally will increase. When your tally reaches 50, we'll post you your free movie ticket which you can redeem at a Hoyts or Event/Greater Union cinema. Simple, huh? One catch, though - you've only got until the end of January to accomplish this mission!

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Do it for the animals

We know you want to end factory farming — you wouldn't be on this page otherwise! Every time you share the Make it Possible campaign with others, you help end factory farming by giving someone else the power to make informed, kinder choices. Helping animals should be reward in itself, but in gratitude for your efforts, you'll also get a free movie pass if you're one of the first 150 people to bring 50 people to MakeitPossible.com.

How to promote your link

Not sure how to reach 50 people? It's easy. Here are some simple ways to get your link 'out there' and clicked on by as many people as possible:

  • By E-mail: E-mail a link to your friends. Be honest and upfront. Let them know why this campaign is important to you, and don't be afraid to let them know that by clicking your link they will help you reach your goal and receive your bonus movie tix.
  • On Facebook: Post the link to your facebook wall, and the walls of your friends. You could also post it to the public walls of Facebook groups or pages that you are a member of to reach even more people.
  • On Twitter: Tweet the link to your followers. You could also mention celebrities, friends and followers directly, asking them to retweet the link for you. By doing this you could reach hundreds of people very quickly!
  • Don't spam: Don't ever pester people, send unsolicited messages, or post your link more than once in any one location. This type of activity is spammy and reflects badly on our campaign. If you are caught spamming, your link will be deactivated.

Good luck!

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