Simone Buchanan: Making It Possible

Simone Buchanan: Making It Possible

A familiar face on Australian television screens, Simone Buchanan launched her career with her stunning portrayal of Lizzy Curtis on internationally acclaimed feature film Shame starring alongside Debra-Lee Furness.

But it was her years on sitcom Hey Dad that hold the fondest of memories in the hearts of most Australians when she played wacky Debbie Kelly.

After many years of stage work Simone returned to our screens in various guest roles on almost every Australian television drama until once again taking a title role on iconic Australian drama Pacific Drive. Simone's more recent fans would know her as Samantha Fitzgerald on Neighbours, a role she has been enjoying playing for many years.

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As a mother to two young children, Simone recognises the important role mums can play in making Australia a kinder place for animals.

From an early age, Simone's mother instilled in her the importance of loving and respecting all living beings, a gift that she is actively passing on to her own children. Simone has a son who will shortly be three years old, so learning that pigs had the intelligence of a 3 year old child only increased her horror at how mother pigs were treated in factory farms.

Like many Australians learning for the first time about the treatment of chickens and pigs in factory farms, Simone finds it unfathomable that our laws have failed to protect them from such treatment.

Her message to all mothers as they do their weekly shopping for the family — is that through the choices that we make when we shop — we can create a kinder world now, and ensure that it is a legacy of kindness that we leave behind.

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