Michelle Bridges: Making It Possible

Michelle Bridges: Making It Possible

Best known as the straight talking red team trainer of Channel Ten's ratings heavyweight The Biggest Loser, Michelle mixes her tough love message with a heart warming compassion and understanding that has won the hearts and minds of Australians of all ages, weights and genders.

Michelle is Australia's most influential personal trainer - with six bestselling books, thousands of online clients with amazing weight loss results, and a national commentator on weight issues - it's no wonder she is one of Australia's most highly regarded health and fitness experts!

On top of her television commitments, Michelle is never far from mind with regular features in magazines (Women's Health, Woman's Day, Cosmopolitan, BBC Good Food) and on radio (Kyle and Jackie O, Nova, Triple M, 2WS), and is integral to the PR and marketing campaigns for The Biggest Loser.

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"For animals, the planet and for our own health — Make it Possible is an important campaign that everybody can support."

With her positive energy and attitude, Michelle Bridges has inspired people across the country to lead active, healthy lives. For someone who can see the clear link between natural, healthy living and quality of life, Michelle was shocked to discover that animals in factory farms are denied the very things that make a life worth living. That they never get to experience fresh air, exercise or sunlight, and their extreme confinement restricts them from carrying out their normal behaviours.

Like many Australians, Michelle was unaware of what went on in factory farms. Behind closed doors, pigs and chickens are given no mental or physical stimulation and their well-being suffers as a result. Mother pigs can be confined for weeks on end in a crate too small to even turn around in; while battery hens spend their whole productive lives in a space no bigger than a sheet of paper.

Take the Make it Possible pledge with Michelle — and help us create a kinder world for these animals.

Here are some more high profile Aussies who have a thing or two to say about factory farming

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We believe in a world without factory farming.

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