Michael Caton: Making It Possible

Michael Caton: Making It Possible

Michael Caton is an icon of Australian film -- finding success on the big and small screens.

He launched into our hearts and homes as Uncle Harry in the long running war family drama, The Sullivans. But Michael really entered the national psyche in 1996, as Darryl Kerrigan in Australia's gift to the film world -- The Castle.

Since then he has become a familiar and much-loved face on our TV screens -- hosting lifestyle programs Hot Property and Hot Auctions and most recently starring in prime-time smash Packed to the Rafters. Michael's legacy is assured with his induction into the Australian Film Walk of Fame in honour of his work in Australia's cinema and television industries.

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On the screen, Michael is used to playing the patriarch looking over his family. Now he's casting his protective gaze over some of Australia's most vulnerable animals.

The kind countenance that Michael Caton is known for in his television roles, requires no acting — it is a part of his day to day life. This is why Michael is speaking out against factory farming — knowing that life for factory farmed animals is one that is devoid of kindness. That from birth through to their last day alive, the existence provided to them is based on what is most profitable — what they need and what is ethical is ignored.

By taking the Make it Possible pledge with Michael you'll be doing your bit to let the animals know that they do matter and that they are important.

Here are some more high profile Aussies who have a thing or two to say about factory farming

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