Judith Lucy: Making It Possible

Judith Lucy: Making It Possible

Judith Lucy has made a living making audiences laugh. For twenty years she's crossed the country performing stand-up, and appearing on TV, radio and movie screens.

Originally one of the team that brought us champagne comedy The Late Show, Judith Lucy has had hit after comedy hit, in an impressively long career.

She has starred in Crackerjack and Bad Eggs, as well as continually touring with her stand-up shows. Her popular memoir The Lucy Family Alphabet recounted her life with her Irish parents and subsequent discovery at the age of 25 that she was adopted.

Judith's fans will no doubt be happy to hear that she'll be keeping herself busy with touring nationally, and a new book release (Penguin) in October called "Drink Smoke Pass Out"!

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If you've ever been to see stand-up comedy, you'll know that a comedian's job isn't easy. Fortunately, Judith Lucy is very good at what she does.

Judith Lucy's career path has been about bringing laughter and joy into people's lives — but she also understands that it is not only human kind that can experience joy and happiness — that animals can too.

Watch a pig carry on her everyday life as nature intended and you can't help but smile. Her curly tail will wag when she's excited; she'll grunt and stretch for stomach rubs from whoever is nearby, and she'll happily spend the day dozing away lips curled into a blissful smile.

Life for pigs in factory farms is wildly different to this. Take the Make it Possible pledge with Judith Lucy, and you'll know that somewhere, a pig will be wagging her tail.

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